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My primary medium is sound art, but I also practice digital image composition, music performance, typography, and sound installation. I attempt to describe the visceral feelings that only music can provide. I am most fascinated by the literal feeling of music when one is listening to it. I enjoy experimenting with different musical techniques. Sampling is very important to my music as it is a method of transforming emotions. In my opinion, the musical artists that are best at sampling create new and incredible art pieces by chopping and changing other music. Another technique that is important to my music is that of recursion, the act of taking one process and performing it multiple times to get often unexpected results. My music blends the fun with the serious in a way that tries to bring musicality to both. I draw inspiration from a wide variety of artists, including Sam Gellaitry, Mayuko Hino, Jacob Collier, Milo/R.A.P. Ferreira, and G Jones. I simultaneously enjoy beat driven sonorous, lo-fidelity, hip hop derived music as well as drop and sound design oriented, highly technical, hi-fidelity music. I hope to explore the merging of these two extremes in my music in the future.

I was born in Seattle Washington. I started producing music as a bet against myself, and it became one of the passions of my life. I started producing in December 2014, and have since released over 40 songs on SoundCloud, Bandcamp, and Spotify, garnering almost 200,000 plays on all platforms. I began the Digital Art program at Stetson university in 2017, with an emphasis on music technology and production. In the latter half of 2019 my sound installation titled “Syzygy” was accepted at the Stetson Juried Student Exhibition. It utilized MaxMSP to create an ever-changing soundtrack for the gallery participants based on the time of day. Currently I find myself working on a concept album based around experience of a hunted people in a fantasy world.

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